Can I repay my mortgage earlier? How does it work? Can the bank charge me for that? These are the questions that almost all of my client ask. And there is nothing surprising about it. Most of us would like to get rid of the mortgage as soon as possible. So in this post I would like to answer these questions.

You will also find out:

  • how a loan transfer to another bank works
  • how to buy or sell a house while in mortgage

Let’s say that you’re planning to buy a flat in Wroclaw for PLN 300k and you want to take a mortgage. Unfortunately, not all expenditures associated with buying an apartment can be funded by a mortgage. You will certainly have to use your savings.

This post will give you an idea of how much cash you will need to cover all the expenses. I sum up 6 types of costs of buying an apartment – most of them you cannot avoid.