About me

Hi, I’m Kamil,

Mortgage loans is not a rocket science but sometimes you might have such an impression, especially when you are a first-time buyer and you don’t have any financial background. Professionals use professional language and don’t realize that what is obvious for them may not be so clear for outsiders. It is known as a “knowledge curse”.

On this blog I want to challenge this “curse” by talking about Polish mortgage market in a simple way. I think communication is the key in many fields, also in this one.

I’ve been in the business since 2006, gained experience in several banks, worked with individual and business clients. From 2015 on I’ve run my own credit broker company – CBB. As a mortgage broker, I’m with my clients while making big deals – buying their dream apartment or house. I help them to find the best mortgage deals saving their time and hassle.

Privately – Sylwia’s husband and Tymon’s father. After hours amateur woodworker, so you’d probably find me in my garage-workshop…