Are you a non-EU citizen? Do you live and work in Poland? You want to buy a house or an apartment here? In this article you’ll learn about the basic documents you’ll need to collect for the mortgage application.

If you are an EU citizen, here is an article for you: What documents an EU citizen needs to apply for a mortgage in Poland?

Essential documents: passport & residence card

Of course a valid passport is one of the prerequisites, as well as a residence card. Does the residence card expiry date matter? There is no definite answer here, because it depends on the lending institution. There are banks that only require that the residence card is valid on the day of applying for a mortgage, there are ones that require it to be valid for a specified period of time (e.g. a year or 18 months forward) after the application has been submitted. There are also some which expect you to present the right of permanent residence.

Your mortgage advisor will provide you with the offers of these banks which accept your type of residence permit.

For more information about the residence card and all document requirements for the application, you may visit one of the websites dedicated to this topic, for example: Office for Foreigners or

Further documents: residence address certificate + PESEL

In addition to your residence card and a copy of passport, another important document that can’t be missing in the mortgage application is a residence address certificate (meldunek) – in case no information on your current place of residence is given in your residence card. The procedure is done in the municipal office competent for your place of residence. The municipal office will ask you for a tenancy contract which should be valid longer than 3 months after the date of application.

passport-polish-mortgageAmong other required documents that you might come across in mortgage application process there is a confirmation of PESEL number assignment (if PESEL is not to be found in your residence card). PESEL is a number used for inhabitantsidentification in Poland.

The last document worth mentioning is a credit report, issued by your country of origin.Depending on the country it can be Experian, Equifax or Transunion. If you do not have a credit history in your country, then your statement may be enough.

The documents listed above are absolutely essential. But keep in mind there are other, supplementary financial statements that the bank has the right to request.

What about the real estate purchase permit?

The good news is you don’t need a permit if you’re going to buy an apartment and a parking space.

But if you want to buy a house in Poland without a permit, there are certain conditions you have to comply with:

  • you have been residing in Poland for at least 5 years from the issuance of a permanent residence permit
  • you have been residing in Poland for at least 2 years if your spouse is a Polish national

If the above-mentioned requirement is not met in your case, you have to submit a permit application. Permits are issued by the Minister of Internal Affairs in the form of an administrative decision. The permission is usually granted when the foreigner fulfills 2 further requirements, that is:

  • if the purchase will not cause a risk to national security, public safety or public order
  • if the foreigner can demonstrate the existence of circumstances confirming his ties with Poland.

Please note that this information only applies to residential properties.

Here you can also find some useful information about purchasing of property in Poland.

Documents I mentioned above are basic for an non-EU when it comes to the mortgage loan in Poland. Of course banks will also require finacial documents related to your type of income and if you want read about them check out this posts: employment contract, self-employment, civil-law contracts & rental income.

I hope you found this article helpful. I will update it as soon as any changes are introduced to the Polish mortgage law or lenders requirements.

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