In the digital age that we live in misinformation can spread even about a relatively simple topic such as this one. That’s why in the following article I’ll try to clarify some of the main issues surrounding this subject.

Does an EU citizen need a residence card to apply for a mortgage in Poland?

When I was getting ready to launch this blog, in my initial preparations I reached out to “Warsaw Expats” Facebook group members and asked them what kind of information regarding mortgages they’re interested in acquiring and what would they expect in general from a blog about mortgage market in Poland addressed to foreigners living in Poland.

One of the people I talked to was Igor. When he was trying find out about getting a mortgage, he came across information that even as an EU citizen, only with residence card he can apply for a mortgage in Poland (which is untruth). He was very saddened to hear that, because it meant he would have to wait until year 2022 (one is eligible to receive a residence card after 5 years of living in Poland).

This information was provided to him by one of the leading mortgage brokers in Poland. He was greatly relieved to learn that this information was incorrect. A citizen of the EU does not need a residence card to apply for a mortgage in Poland! 

The story that Igor shared only confirmed my belief that there is a growing demand and need for platforms such as this one. The following post is devoted exclusively to the matters concerning EU citizens living in Poland. If you are a non-EU citizen and want to learn more about the documents you’ll need when applying for a mortgage go staight to this post: What documents non-EU citizen needs to apply for a mortgage in Poland?

What documents you’ll need when applying for a mortgage?

A valid passport is a must! Some banks may accept your ID card instead of a passport. If you don’t have a residence card yet, the essential documents for you are your passport and the certificate of registering your residence as an EU citizen.  You can apply for the certificate of residence registration at the Voivodship Office (Urzad Wojewodzki). Here you’ll find some other useful information about registration of residence of an European Union citizen. 

I also devoted whole post to that issue: Registration of residence of an EU citizen in Poland [The true story]

Another document you’ll  need is a residence address certificate (meldunek). You can obtain this document at the municipal office and in order do so you’ll have to submit the tenancy contract which should be valid longer than 3 months after the date of application. Remember to take your passport with you.  

When getting a residence address certificate you can apply for a PESEL number assignment. PESEL is an eleven-digit number used for identifying Polish inhabitants. It will definitely come in handy during your stay in Poland, not only when handling official matters. You’ll get both – adderess certificate and PESEL during one visit in municipal office.


The last thing that you have to submit is your credit report.  Depending on your country of origin the report can be provided by one of the following consumer credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion. If you don’t have a credit history, your written statement will be sufficient.

I want to make one thing clear though, each bank has different criteria that you’ll have to comply with. For example to apply for a mortgage from the Eurobank, even as an EU citizen, you need to deliver a residence card. So if Igor went to that specific bank, he would have heard the same thing as he did at the broker’s.

The Eurobank is an exception and generally the four documents I listed above are basic what Polish banks require from EU citizens. Of course you’ll have to provide not only them but also many other documents, especially financial ones. If you want to learn about this futher documens and banks’ requirements related to your income check out this posts: employment contract, self-employment, civil-law contracts & rental income.  

This post was based on my experience working with clients over the years and the data I collected from banks, both from their official websites as well as directly from the employees. Bear in mind that banks can change the requirements at any time. You may rest assured that I will keep you informed about any updates on the matter.

If you like to share your personal story or have any remarks at all, please leave a comment. If you have any questions or doubts you can always email me at  I’ll be happy to help and share my knowledge with you. If you know anyone who may find this information of any use, please share it.


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